Attention! You're now able to sell your shoes on our website!

Footwear is becoming very popular and your favorite gear is getting harder to find. We understand. That's why we're giving you the opportunity to gain access to our huge network of sneakerheads throughout the world.


We're taking the initiative to master the deal between those buying or selling shoes.  When you choose to sell your merchandise with Redtro Habitat, we'll make sure that everything is awesome.  When you're ready to begin, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we'll get your started.
Step One

Get your shoes listed.

Once you are ready, you can collaborate with one of our consignment specialists, or print and pay for your FedEx shipping label online so you can send us your goods with no delay. Be sure to pack it up carefully!
Step Two

Get your quote.

We work together closely to set prices based on market economics, because we value your investment as much as you do. If pricing adjustments need to be made, we’ll always contact you before making any changes.
Step Three

Sit back and relax.

Once your goods have sold, we’ll provide your payment for 80% of the agreed-upon sale price. Do you have more questions or comments on the process? We love hearing from you. Hit us up! We’re always on the field.


Enter your information in the fields below and you'll be contacted by one of our sales/consignment specialists. As a means of preliminary authentication our specialist will either approve or deny your request.